new DVD player with scart/ has sound no pic


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Hi, I have a older TV that does not even have the hook up for the red yellow and white cable so I have been running my dvd players through my vcr. I just got a ned DVD player as a gift wich has scart hook up and hdmi capabilities. When I kooked it up the same way my old dvd player was hooked up ( I added the little scart converter box to the new player) it will have sound but no picture. Is there anything im missing? Or is my tv to old? Any suggestions plz.


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The RGB output of the DVD maybe set to RGB out instead of basic composite which a Video can handle or it has defaulted to HDMI out.
Personally I would get a new Tv before worrying about a HDMI DVD player.


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I may be incorrect with this but I thought that the macrovision copy protection present on most DVD's/players prevented a picture being passed to a VHS player as a way to stop them being pirated? If you had this configuration working before with another DVD player maybe you have some sort of video pass through feature on your VHS that needs to be enabled for this to work?

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