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    I have the following setup TEAC reference series 500 system inc Prologic amp. Have just bought a Panasonic PF10 and am thinking of buying a DVD player. Speakers are Q95.2 C Q55.2 Front and Q15's rear, no sub yet. The amp has a sub out jack. I also have an old NAD amp doing nothing as well.

    I have two options buy the Tosh 100 as it is cheap and seems to give the best performance for sound/piccies. I wouldn't get dolby 5.1 but I could always buy an av amp later on and shift the ref system to the bedroom.

    Buy the Tosh 200 or Panasonic RV-60 or the Tosh 3109. I am not bothered about dual disks but all of these players have 5.1 outputs on them. Would I be right in thinking I could feed the rear outputs to my NAD amp and use this to get full stereo to the rears. I know I would need to control the stereo volume of the rears separately but would it work, having digital stereo going to the rears and using my prologic amp to drive the fronts?

    Also is the Tosh the best price/performance DVD player to buy as opposed to the v expensive Pioneer 737's. I am not bothered about the RCE thing as if I get from Techtronics they will upgrade for free.....

    Any help please..................

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