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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Mike Antrum, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice here, chaps, I wonder if you can help

    I currently have a Pioneer 737 driving my Optoma H56 projector, and I have been having some problems with progressive scan output causing the picture to tear on scenes with fast moving pans.

    Optoma say this is being caused by the 737 & H56 not getting on too well, and my local Sevenoaks have loaned me another DVD player (denon 2900) to see if this is the case.

    The picture quality is loads better than the old 737, and I'm really tempted to get the plastic out..... BUT

    1) My PJ has a DVI input on it. Would I be better off buying something that offers this (like the Pioneer 868/668) ? My dealer is telling me the jury is still out on DVI, as it is a little too new, and I would have to re-cable (Groan). I would never have considered spending this sort of money on a DVD player until I saw the difference in picture quality though. (I'm not at all worried about audio quality, as I have another CD player.)

    2) My PJ and screen are in fixed positions, and with the 737, images were filling the screen. With the Denon, images on the PJ are smaller with some film titles, not filling the screen, others fill the screen as before. Lion King R2 is even weirder with the actual film being projected at a different size to the menu screens !!?? I've only had it a day, but any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance for any help/ideas you can give, but I want to get this right.


    P.S. What is a mint condition Pioneer 737 (multireg) worth ?
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    North Yorkshire
    Hi Mike,

    He-he-he-he fancy seeing you on these forums!

    Remember your H56 is not HDCP compliant so would not work with the latest batch of DVI players. However, I know the cabling you have and picture quality differences between component and DVI are subtle. Bear in mind that the Digital Display Working Group has set limits of 5~7m for DVI whereas high quality component runs can be much longer. Digital display connection in theory would give a more accurate representation of the digital disc content warts and all. The 2900 has DACs of a high enough quality to satisfy almost anyone.

    If you are experiencing such a step up in picture quality then part with the dosh, you wont regret it...

    Give me a shout later if you want help in easing that clam-like wallet open!



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