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    I am looking at buying a dv cam in the region of £550, to upgrade from my 8mm Cannon I have for 5 years. I have narrowed it down to:

    JVC GR-DVX 507
    JVC DVL 767
    Sony DCRTRV 18 or 25
    Cannon MV530i

    My main requirements are good clear pictures even in low light, good sound and stills. I am not too concerned about editing facilities as I will probably just end up copying onto a DVD via a recorder.

    Also, I notice that Dixons are selling a JVC GR-DVX 707. I can't find any reference to this on the JVC website or in the camcord mags. Does anyone know how this compares to the 507 and whether it is an older or newer model that the 507.

    Any help much appreciated.

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