New DS lite - what good adult games ?


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Hi Guys,

I'm an Xbox 360 owner in my 30's and have just ordered a DS lite for some gaming on the move.

Can anyone recommended some good adult games ? - not pokemon etc.

I really like puzzles like boggle, marjong, scrabble etc but like a good shooter like Halo 2 or GRAW

Anything I should be looking at ?...brain training maybe ?

Any good DS forums ?



42 All time classics - only £11 in Tescos (it's not stickered, guess it's a mis-price?)

Keeps me, the wife, and the kids amused!


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If you like puzzles,

Tetris DS
Zoo Keeper

they're seldom out of my DS, I still play them regularly, and have had them since launch/release date.

Meteos is particularly good, but I'd recommend getting a screen protector, because the touch screen can get a bit of a hammering with this one.


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Theres a Brothers in arm's DS, Scrabble is a quite a decent game, and thers many puzzle game out there

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