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heyhey all.

Probably something really stupid, but I just don't know how to fix it.

Got a new DVD writer to go with the CD writer I already have. After much head scratching I finally got it into the computer :) and connected up to 2 leads (the big one already linked to the other CD drive and the power cable)

But unfortunatly Windows XP does not recognise the drive, the tray won't even open. However I know it works, since I can open up the tray etc before windows starts.

Its probably somekind of general problem to installing an extra drive but I just don't know what to do (no instructions came with the thing).

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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At the back of the drive you'll see a clip that you need to put over the relivant pins to make the drive a slave or master. If this is going to be your primary drive then choose master and make your existing one the slave or vice versa. If you have both set to master then windows may not see the drive correctly. Make sure both the ide connectors are pushed home on both the drives and motherboard and that you have the power connector the right way around. I'm assuming you had the appropriate cd/dvd that came with the drive this may have some drivers or dvd software to install.
hope that helps to get you up and running:)


Cheers Hawklord, that worked

Now have two drives :)

Many thanks dude
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