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HI Guys,

My existing desktop is more or less on its way out and its time to get a new one (4 years is a long time in PC technology as i have discovered over the last few days).

I mainly use my machine for Movies, downloads, browsing and some "gaming".

I use the word gaming as its normally Football Manager, games from the Settlers series and stuff like Civilization.

I am wanting to upgrade quite a bit so i can plays like F1 2011 without a hitch or delay (i installed it on my current machine and it took 10 minutes to load the start page)!

I don't have any idea on where to start building my own (which seems to be the cheapest way) but i have seen this machine on Amazon and wondered what you all thought or if you had any other suggestions

I don't need a new monitor as my existing acer screen does what i need, i also have a LG LED TV that i can link up to the PC via the HDMI to watch movies etc.

Thanks all in advance


It's not a bad spec machine but the graphics card won't handle games like F1 2011.

The spec in this thread is great value for money (albeit it doesn't include a Windows 7 or a hard drive). If your happy to build yourself see if you can get a HDD of the classifieds here and pick up Windows 7. If it's still above your budget get a Radeon HD6850 for around £100.


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Thanks Shadowboxer,

I have a bigger budget that the amazon link that i had attached i just thought that it was a bargain and was what i was looking for, shame the graphics card is not as good as i thought. ( Would the card still play the game albeit not at the highest resolution)

I have never built a machine myself that was why i was looking at amazon, i am worried i will knack something up and have to start again!!

My top end budget is about £600 all in, is there anything out there pre-built that could handle F1 and the on high resolution? or is building it myself the best value for money option?

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