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Hi need some advice choosing a new desktop, I have been looking at
Packard Bell imedia Desktop PC Intel Core i5 2320 3.0GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD | eBay

As recommended on another thread, could this have another 2tb HDD and extra memory fitted ?

or should I go for Scan V15 for an extra £200 with a SSD120Gb and a2TB HDD

I mainly use pc for downloading/streaming and converting media also surfing and power points/word no gaming
any help or suggestions appreciated


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As recommended on another thread, could this have another 2tb HDD and extra memory fitted ?

It's unlikely, those sorts of cases tend not to have more than one hard drive slot and at that price I'd imagine the motherboard only has two memory slots, both of which will be filled.

Given that Scan seems to be getting a bit of a reputation I think I'd look at the alternatives like PCSpecialist, Cyberpowersystems and Arbico as well if you want to go down the custom specs route.

Dell are also well worth looking at, in this case probably the Inspiron 660. They don't offer much customisation of spec and don't always offer the most sensible configurations but they do provide decent documentation at reasonable prices (after discount codes) and at the moment they're offering Office 2010 home edition (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note) bundled with some of their systems.

Dell's site is pretty labyrinthine but there's a handy site called DMXDimension that lists all the current models and discount codes for dell in one place: Dell Special Offers, Cheapest Deals, E-Value Codes and Discount Coupons | dmXdimension


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Hi thanks for the quick reply I am going for Dell inspiron 660 i5 2320 4GB 1TB £370 delivered and a free printer
Thanks again.

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