New Desk Upgrade - Ikea Stuff inspired.. and a new chair! - Advice needed on a chair please -


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So, my main rig is currently 5m away from where I sit with my monitors, etc.. and I'm putting a plan together for a new desk inspired by some other members here and some youtubers. You can see my main rig setup here:

I love wooden colours, so I'm thinking two of the Alex drawers:

..with either this Ecbacken top:

..or the thicker, more expensive Karlby:

My current desk has a top made of MDF.. it was a replacement of the original top and the desk is about 11 years old and starting to feel wobbly. I did think of using MDF again for the top with the two Alex drawers, but since it's going to be in the lounge, I'd like to have a nice worktop type surface.

Here's one of the video's I watched:

I love the look of the Karlby, but it does seem quite expensive as it's not all solid, it's veneer and particle/chipboard.

The dark oak effect on the Ebacken I like too, it looks like it has quite a rustic look to it, and it's cheap. It is just particle/chipboard, no solid wood and thinner though, so could bow over time which is a concern.. especially as I'd like to keep the open space underneath 'open' and tidy without adding in another Alex.

I'd also like to not have my second monitor obscured and have it next to my main monitor properly and maybe add a third in the future as I find it great having 3 monitors to work with Pro Tools/Ableton Live and Vegas/Adobe Premier.
My music system could be on the way out, so my music and video production could well move into the lounge on my main rig (gaming rig).

Ikea delivery is damn expensive though! £39 they want for delivery of any combination of the above items.

I may or may not add these:

I'll be using a different chair to the one I have, a proper computer chair, a fabric one (as I have cats and pu and cats don't mix), with some good lumbar support and enough to hold my weight (6'1 and 21st):
I've been trying to find one cheaper as this is silly money really for a chair, but I can't seem to find one that would hold my weight and last. I seem to go through the cheaper computer chairs pretty quickly, the last one I bought was £150.. so I thought I'd try and find a fabric one that has built in lumbar support, comfortable, adjustable arms for when I'm recording with my guitar and, of course, sloth back in and have 40 winks.

What do you guys think of this sort of setup?

Any advice on the chair?
Seems pretty expensive for a chair, but still the only one I've found so far that has fabric, lumbar support and can take my weight.
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Ordered the:
ALEX Drawer Unit x2 - Oak effect,
Karlby Worktop - 186cms one in Walnut,
Signum Cable Trunking,
and the 5cm versions of the adjustable cabinet legs.

Sorted out some shorter hdmi cables for the pc and bought a 10m ethernet cable, so I'll not have six cables running under rugs in the lounge for it now, only one.

The stuff from Amazon should arrive tomorrow and the stuff from Ikea should arrive on Sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to upload some photos of the desk then.

I'll be using an old computer chair from the back room for now, I'm struggling finding the value of the Secret Labs Titan a bit, it's just so expensive for a computer chair.


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Whilst awaiting delivery's, I thought I'd get a mate round to help get rid of the old chair and bring in the one from the music room.

1 (Large).jpg
Before 2
Main Rig still over the other side of the room
2 (Large).jpg
Old chair out and brought in the one from the music room
3 (Large).jpg
Chair Before 'Cat Proofing'
4 (Large).jpg
Chair after 'Cat Proofing'
5 (Large).jpg
6 (Large).jpg

My cables came though, as did the 'feet' that I'm going to use to raise the worktop a bit higher, after the stuff from Ikea has arrived.
77 (Large).jpg
88 (Large).jpg

Next update after I've moved my main rig over to the other side of the room :)


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I've managed to get the pc over the other side of the room, take the old 10m hdmi's and usb extension cables out from under the carpet and around the room and replaced them with one 10m cat7 cable with the usb stuff plugged directly into the rig.

7 (Large).jpg

I also found something to put my headphones on, keeping the cables down the back out of the way of the cats that love eating my headphone cables..

8 (Large).jpg
9 (Large).jpg

I decided to get an extended mouse pad too, so it fits under my keyboard as well and ordered this one:

I'm not sure about it, as I'm not sure how it's going to look once everything is here and set up. I tried just finding an 80cmx30cm plain black one, but most reviews reported fraying issues after a few months of use.
I did find this one, but it's very expensive and 93cms long, which I think may be a bit too long, even on a 6ft desk. It doesn't half look nice though:

I'd have preferred to find an extended mouse mat with a wood effect to it, but the two I found, although looked good for the wood effect are reviewed to look horrible. For example, the image shown just looks like they just took the 900x300 pixel image and blew it up to print onto the mat. So I shy'd away from that.

If the cheap RGB one I've ordered, is there a non RGB one that anyone can recommend at 80cmsx30cms?

I'm quite enjoying this little project so far and the ALEX drawers, Karlby worktop and other stuff from Ikea should be arriving tomorrow morning :)
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PC was unplugged.. Alex drawers, Karlby worktop, cable tidy thingy and the mouse/keyboard mat12 (Large).jpg
13 (Large).jpg
14 (Large).jpg
15 (Large).jpg
16 (Large).jpg
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17 (Large).jpg
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Thread updated.

Very much enjoying this little project :)

Any advice, suggestions and comments appreciated :smashin:


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what im seeing is that your cats need put in the blender.

I think I'd be shot if that happened :laugh:

Had a mate round today to help me get it all together, thankfully!

Here's the final photo's :)

18 (Large).jpg
19 (Large).jpg
20 (Large).jpg

Just need to find a good strong chair with good lumbar support and a high back for 'big' people like me now :cool:

Really enjoyed this little project :)


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Noooooo, pc is on the floor, should not be on the floor!

Otherwise nice setup.

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