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So it's Summer already, and by now I had hoped that the planned move to XenForo would have been progressing well.
Unfortunately preliminary tests didn't go well and a trial import on a dedicated server took over 48 hours. At that point I put the upgrade on ice until lots more functionality is available in the software, and the authors have won their lawsuits so they have fewer things to distract them from helping us upgrade.

Meanwhile the planned enhancements to the AVForums design have been in testing for a while and I want to thank those people who helped identify the bugs. I do not plan there to be any more significant changes to the design before we upgrade to XenForo.

In mid May I posted about the forthcoming changes. I detailed what was happening and why in this thread:

This week I posted at length the explanation for the decision to have the fixed width design. That thread is here :

I hope people will read the above threads in order to understand why the current changes have happened.
No decisions have been made lightly and considerable effort has been put to creating the best design possible.

I'm not a design expert, so I got a very highly respected expert in to create a design appropriate for AVForums.
I'm not a CSS or JS expert, so I got a very experienced coder in to implement the changes we need.
What we have is as good a design as I think we could bolt onto vBulletin software.

We understand, of course, that website design is a subjective topic and there will be people who do not like the new design or the fixed width.
I regret that.
But I hope those people will take the time to read the above threads and despite their feelings on the subject, appreciate that we are working in the best interests of the AVForums community going forward.

I want to thank you in advance for being the best community I have ever been a part of. Loyal, intelligent, mature, patient, responsible, insightful and generous.
Let's hope we have a great summer.
Thanks, everyone.
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