New Denon AVR-2807 @ £800


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Go and listen to them and make your own mind up, it's the only way to know which one is right for you. Magazine reviews should only be used as a rough guide and to give you an idea what is on the market at certain prices, they should NEVER be used to decide which product is better than the other as that is entirely subjective and dependent on your own ears, your listening environment and your other equipment.


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You can get the 2807 for under 700 quid

Paul Mela

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I demoed both of those amps with the speakers I brought and prefered the sound of the denon plus I only paid £650 for it, let your ears be your guide.

Paul Mela

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Thats not a bad price, I only got mine at that price because my local Audio T dealer happens to live next door.

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