New Cyrus AV8 pre/pro - worth a listen?


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I'm presently seeking a decent pre/pro to hook onto a Rotel RMB1075 picked up recently (thanks Doug!) without spending Tag32R money, and at around a grand only the new Cyrus AV8 and Rotel RSP1066 processors stand out from the crowd. Both Hi Fi Choice and Hi Fi World have raved over the AV8 this month - any first-hand opinions on its strengths or weaknesses with either music or movies would be most welcome.


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Haven't heard either of them in action but have the following comments to make on the AV8.

Out of the box it's only 5.1, no extended formats such as DD EX or DTS ES. Upgrades to 6.1/7.1 have been mentioned, but there are no details on the Cyrus website, come to think of it, the AV8 doesn't even have it's own page yet either. :(

Now of course you may not be concerned at all by this, or the fact that there's no video switching onboard. The Rotel has the extended formats and video switching.

I would suggest you have a listen and choose which one your ears like most. I'm sure that either of them would run rings around my current decoder (integrated into the DVD player).

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