New cutting-edge 5.1 surround sound audio system developed for Jaguar XK


John Archer

Following is the press release from Alpine on the new 5.1 audio system it’s developed for use in the Jaguar XK…</p><P>”Alpine Electronics, the car infotainment specialists, have created a cutting-edge premium sound system for the new Jaguar XK sports car. A true 525 Watt digital amplifier, revolutionary subwoofer located in the front of the car and Dolby® Pro Logic® II surround sound technology have been integrated to create a dramatic listening performance.</p><P>Specifically designed and tuned for the new Jaguar XK, the heart of the system is a new digital amplifier that uses Dolby Pro Logic II technology to bring surround sound to stereo sources like a CD or FM radio. Complimenting the new amplifier is Alpine’s revolutionary DLP (dynamic linear phase) subwoofer. A radical departure from conventional designs, the DLP subwoofer is positioned in the passenger footwell, providing a better radiation of sound, more realistic front staging and accurately concentrated bass.</p><P>A centre fill speaker in the dashboard provides the balance of sound for the occupants and ensures both passengers enjoy the sweet spot of the surround sound experience. The no-compromise approach to sound reproduction continues with the mid-bass DDLinear speakers. DDLinear represents the latest thinking in powerful, but lightweight audiophile speakers. Even at high volumes linearity is superb across the entire bandwidth right down to the low bass region. DDLinear delivers the full range perfectly – ultra-clear highs, superbly detailed vocals with every nuance noted and bass that’s rich and powerful. Neodymium tweeters complete the hardware lineup. Ideally located in the front doors for violin and piano pieces, the tweeters ensure faithful reproduction of the higher frequencies.</p><P>Software has played an equally important part in the system development. Unlike conventional in-car audio systems which focus exclusively on the driver at the expense of the passengers, this system is tuned to ensure all occupants enjoy the ultimate acoustic performance wherever they are seated. The system has the option to further adjust the equalisation or EQ (EQ – sophisticated tone controls which can be changed to change the timbre of sound) depending on the number and position of occupants – meaning nobody misses out on the experience (options are driver, passenger and all). </p><P>On the convertible model, the EQ adjusts automatically to take into account the roof being up or down. This feature ensures the best sound recreation whether the roof is raised or lowered. Driver interface is through the Alpine touch screen and the entire system is controlled via a MOST protocol, using pulses of light passing through fibre optic cables to command the key components.</P><P>The system is the latest collaboration between Alpine and Jaguar, a 14-year relationship that has seen many concept car developments reach production cars."
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