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What constitutes one? My father-in-law sold his digibox & cancelled Sky over 6 months ago (long standing customer before). He now wants to return (-not +) Is he eligible for new customer deals?


From the way sky use to work it was if the house had sky then you could not get the new deal as my brother had it before he left home as I wanted to re-sign but they would not offer any deals.

They have a ok deal on at the moment on their website, sign up to a package of £19.50 or more and get free equipment and setup and 1/2 price viewing package for the first 3 months.

You can always apply for a new deal and not mention that you hae had sky before and if they offer you the deal you want then your sorted but if they say no then it is their loss at the end of the day.


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I've just signed up for Sky and reading the T&C of the Interactive discount, basically what allows me to get it cheaper than existing and resubscribing customers, my interpretation is that you can only ever have one ID per household. This means that you Father-in-Law or anyone who is related to him that lives with him cannot get a new subscribers offer. Sorry! Although I have read some stories of existing customers getting equivalent deals but these seem to be few and far between.

He could always take in a lodger, get them to sign up for Sky and then kick them out :)



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Thanks for the bad news chaps! I've mailed Sky for the definative answer. At the time I thought he was being Hastey. I'll post their reply.


! I moved with my parents 2 years ago to new house and changed address with sky. Cancelled last summer. Today my father recieved a mail shot from sky with the free sky or 99 sky+ so it seems that along with everything else where sky is concerned " goal posts moving all the time"
Interesting to get mail shot as we have sign up to mail preference service so I may if I can be bothered report them!!!!!


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Here's the reply (I'm waiting for one about a + installation) -
Thank you for your email regarding your friend resubscribing to Sky.

As your friend has previously subscribed to Sky, they may not benefit from a further subsidised offer. The terms and conditions of the digital contract are that, a customer is only eligible to benefit from subsidised equipment once.

However, your friend can reactivate his account and buy new equipment.

The cost of a new Sky digibox is 169.00 (GBP). The installation cost for the Sky digibox is 60.00 (GBP). With this equipment you will also receive a 12 months manufacturers warranty.

The Sky minidish is 99.00 (GBP) and this includes the installation charge.

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