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new computer

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by FLIGHT101, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. FLIGHT101


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    o.k i'm new to the whole pc gaming scene as i've normaly just played on consoles
    i'm going to buy a new pc that i will want to play games on! i want to know what memory cpu grafixs card i should be looking out for as i don't know the first thing really! i want to play games like half life 2 and world of warcraft the way they should be played!
    any help would be great thanx
  2. Dellboy


    Apr 24, 2002
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    The Cotswolds
    You'll need to give everybody here a cost limit you are prepare to part with. Some machines do run into the thousands of pounds.
  3. pragmatic

    Well-known Member

    Nov 9, 2004
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    Concentrate on getting a decent gfx card, cpu and memory. Go for the middle ground on everything for value for money, espectialy with gfx cards below the mid point there is a big drop off. So go for 6600GT minimum and i would say only bother with ATI if you were to get a 9800pro (not likely with a new system) or there higher end x800/x850. x800XL is probably the best value for performace of the higher end cards.

    Cpu i would say go with AMD athlon 64 as they are the best for games (if you were interested in getting the fastest video encoding then intel otherwise AMD all the way). AMD are usualy cheaper too, so thats a bonus and the techinlogy is more mature, cooler, quieter and stable (look at www.tomshardware.com and the stress test).

    Memory will depend on the motherboard but some decent branded stuff is the way to go to avoid a headache. 512mb or 1Gb is adviceable.

    Going through a big manafacturer (i.e. dell) will be easier than making it your self and maybe even cheaper, but they usualy scrimp on the gfx card (most important thing for games) and memory as they normaly give you low end stuff and memory is about 256mb which is not enough. Building your own pc is easy and probably quite fun, you get to customise exactly what you want and things usualy fit together a bit like lego.

    Also if your building it your self don't scrimp on the psu a decent branded one will cost alot more than a non branded but they are more stable, cooler, quieter and efficent so when it says 550w it means very close were as a non branded will run out of steam long before that. This is the one component I would say that you truely get what you pay for in most respects (look at online multi/super tests if you want to get the best value for money).

    Everything thing else including mother baord and hard drive all depends on what your after, cheap and chearful or feature full, quite and cool(heat) or ultimate performance.

    Gfx cards to look out for
    Low end
    Don't bother, they can bearly play games fast enough

    midrange (for decent performance)
    9800pro (256 BIT editions, non lite)
    (X700 is not as good for the price as the above 2)

    High end
    (pretty much any, best value with middly ones about £200-250)
    6800 GT
    6800 Ultra



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