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We are getting a home computer - so I am sorting out bits

1) Video capture Card - got lots of tapes to transfer - recommends please

2) DVD Writer Sony DRU500A any good?

3) Sound card with digital out for MD



What is your budget?

A dedicated capture card such as matrox RT2500 will give great results and includes Adobe Premiere etc but will cost around £600. This will capture both Dv (digital) and analogue video, what do you need, both? DV only?
If DV only then a cheap option is a basic OHCI firewire card and software of your choice/budget. A basic card and software bundle can be purchased for under £100. This will be more dependent on the PC processor and will give good results.
The Soundblaster Audigy sound cards are great all singing cards and even have a built in firewire port (have not seen any reviews on these for capture though!).

If you will be doing a lot of editing then a preconfigured editing machine from a specilist dealer would be a good idea as all the hardware/software is tested to work well together (this can be a major problem) and will not cost much or any more than DIY.

I am still looking at the DVD writers but will possible get one of the new faster Pioneer DVD-R(W) drives when they are released next year.


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Hi Martin,

Video Capture card. You might be better off with an external analogue to firewire box such as the Canopus and a seriously cheap firewire card (based on the Texas Instruments chip-set). Total cost about £300 max. Unless you want to get into heavy video fx in which case go for a Canopus Storm II. I think Canopus also do a cheaper one now with more limited facilities but still with the analogue conversion built in. My own experiences with the Matrox RT s have not been happy whilst I have had no trouble from the Canopus. (But check the hardware compatibility requirements on their website!)

Sony DRU 500a. Looks good on paper but much too early to tell. Some reports of disc incompatibilities (blanks) etc. Will no doubt get better with more mature firm/soft ware. Major advantage - DVD-R and DVD+R.

Sound Card. Rumour has it the latest Creative's are the ones to go for. Audigy Platinum 2 if you're feeling flush.

Hope this is of some use.

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