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Kam K

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I am redecorating my house and have decided to finally invest in some good audio visual equipment. I have been doing some research but I am unsure as what the best products to buy are.

I was looking at the panasonic TX 3D TV series 50" or bigger, along with the pioneer 800 amp and the B and W CM9 series speakers. However I am also considering changing the sub and getting the sunfire true eq10 sub.

I am also considering having speakers in the ceiling for music, creating a multi room system.

However I am not sure if this will be beneficial and would like to know if anyone has a separate system like this, or whether using the surround sound system would be ok.

I would also like to know if the products I have listed are good or if I can get better for less. I am new to all this some have no idea of the pitfalls etc.

Is it worthwhile having it professionally fitted or is it easy to do it myself?

Any help would be appreciated.


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In my opinion, you are looking at two separate projects, the AV speaker/amp system is one, and distributed music is the other.

On the speakers in the ceiling, remember that speakers don't just magically appear in the ceiling, you have to cut holes for them. And if you are putting speakers in your ceiling, then you are putting speakers in someone else's floor.

Next and more important, you have to tear up the wall and ceiling in order to run wire from the speaker, to the point where it connects to the amp. This is fine if you are remodeling and the wall and ceiling are already tore up. But for a finished room, it is added mess and expense.

Distributed by wire systems are virtually dead. Today, it is so much easier to have a small system in each room and stream the music either over wire or wireless computer network. If you just want basic casual listening sound in the remote rooms, then something like this might be good.

These systems include wired/wireless streaming, amps, and speakers.

Logitech has a similar device -

If you want to attach a streaming device to a more standard stereo, both Logitech and Sonos make device that do that. Sonos also makes a device (Zoneplayer 120) that has 50w/ch amps built in. In this case, you simply add your own speakers.

These devices stream music from a computer. That is, you have to have your music stored on a computer, and the computer must be turned on, for this to work.

The Logitech SqueezeBox Touch connects to an existing system, and can stream music from a computer, but it can also play music from an attached USB Thumb drive or an USB hard Drive. But again, it assume music is in the form of digital computer files.

As to the Pioneer/B&W-CM9, that will be a fantastic system.

That should give you something to think about.

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Kam K

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Thanks for the info.

I am remodelling the entire downstairs of my house and have the option of cutting holes etc. However I had not even considered the option of streaming. This seems like a simpler solution.

I will be going in for a demo of the pioneer?B&W CM-9 and so far have only had good reports about these products.

However I am not sure whether to keep the sub in the CM-9 package or change it to the sunfire true eq10


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What sub are the CM9's coming with?

I have CM7's and had a PV1. I wouldn't recommend having a PV1 as it's not nearly meaty enough.

If you don't mind me asking, what would you be paying for the sunfire sub?

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