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It’s time to upgrade to a new camera. I am currently using a 5 year old Fuji 6800Zoom which was my first digital camera, and I have been very pleased with it, however it is starting to display Zoom Error every now and then meaning I have to switch the camera on and off, and sometimes causing me to miss the photo I was going to take.

I was thinking on going for a Fuji F10 (or the F11), or the IXUS 750. However after looking around here it looks like the A620 (or 610) gets good comments, as well as the Panasonic FZ5. I want something quite compact so I think the FZ5 will be a bit too big, but the 620 may fit nicely, however I am a little concerned that it takes AA batteries. I’m used to the rechargeable in the 6800 which can last a good day or 2 while out taking photos say on holiday. It would make sense to get a set (or 2) of rechargeable AA batteries, but how well do these last compared to cameras that take bespoke rechargeable batteries. Also I assume that you can’t charge them in the camera, so there is the constant having to remove and then re-insert them. So I was wondering if anyone with a 610/620 can give me their comments.

Or does any one have any other suggestions, I’m looking to spend about £200-£300, and most of the photos are stored on the computer, but some are printed out at 6*4 or even A4 size.


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Also I see that Canon have brought out the A700. However is this really an upgrade on the A620. It has the 6x zoom, but is only 6 mp, and am I correct in that it has a smaller sensor (1/2.5” compared with 1/1.8”). So will the lower res and sensor make that much of a difference?


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