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New Centre + Rears

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by tom_nieto, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. tom_nieto

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    May 21, 2003
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    It's high time I got a new centre speaker and some rears. I have mission m72 fronts atm, and I was hoping to use them as rears, but frankly I don't have to money to buy new fronts and I don't have the space!

    Right, I was thinking of the m7c2 to match, but these have gone out of production so might be a little hard to get hold of. Do you think the m3c2 would do the job, or should I go more upmarket, or even change brand?

    As far as the rears go, I think I could go with any of the mission dipolar speakers, and I should be able to wall mount them easily enough. From superfi.co.uk the m3, m5 and m7 speakers are about the same price. Should I go with the m5 rears? Will I need heavy duty wall mounting? I'd rather not have to put screws in the wall...

    Thanks for your suggestions

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