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New Case and PSU Needed - strapped for choice!


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My new system has been working nicely apart from two crashes, one of which required a Windows re-format. Now that could be the SDD playing up by itself, but I'm not too sure really.

However when monitoring the temperatures on other components during a Skyrim game, I had 47 on the CPU and 73 on my GPU!! I also discovered my extractor fan on the back of my old case (currently still being used) wasn't working. So I wonder whether the SDD might be getting too hot as well as the components are a little tightly packed so airflow is probably compromised despite a really big heatsink in place on the GPU.

Therefore first things first I feel it's about time I bought a funky new case and possibly a bigger PSU.

My system is thus in basic terms:

ASUS Pro Z68 Motherboard
Intel i5 2600k
Radeon 6950 ATI 2GIG graphics card (slightly higher factory set clock speed)
1 SDD / 3 HDD.
Coolermaster large heatsink for GPU.
PSU - 600W (or max 650W)

None of the above items is overclocked currently, I'm paranoid about losing the warranty and so far Battlefield 3 and Skyrim run on high-ultra settings with no problems at all so I don't see the need to overclock yet. Given future games however, the need may arise in the long term as well as the possibility of Crossfiring the GPU (again long term).

I need a case to accomodate that (the GPU is massive) and be ready for any future additions. I'm not sure if I need a higher output PSU as well.

I've seen cases on Novatech from Antec, Thermaltake and Coolermaster which take my fancy. Price range is quite a lot, but can't tell what I should be looking for apart from how many drive spaces it has and how funky it looks and where the USB ports are (no-one uses 3.0 anyway).

Budget would be somewhere between £100-£200 as I want to make it future proof. Plus I expect to fetch that money from selling the old components which I've yet to put on the AV classifieds list.
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Case is personal preference, not really a lot to chose between them. I'd get one that you like the look of. Most will allow at least a few more 120mm fans to be installed without too much trouble. Novatechs selection of case isn't great.

How about the Lian-Li PC-60FNWB Black Midi Case for around £85-90. Very high quality case. Can get it with a red interior or no window too.

If you've got a no brand cheap PSU I'd recommend you upgrade that now. If it's a decent 600-650W then it'll be fien for your current system but you'd need to upgrade to at least a 750W decent quality one to run dual 6950s, overclock and add in more drives.


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Coolermaster Storm Scout Gaming Case - Black (No PSU) | SGC-2000-KKN1-GP

A friend suggested this one which isn't a bad choice. I'll bet any money value though that he chose it solely because it has handles on it. We do the occasional LAN, but not that regularly. How many other cases have handles on them?

The beef with that one though is that there's no USB 3.0 port. Ok next to bugger all uses 3.0 currently, but things improve with time. Also 2 handles means carry it with 2 hands........surely if you're trying to make carrying it easier, you need a briefcase ONE handle style so that you have a free hand to open doors with!

Oh yeah and Novatech was used because we have the advantage of living right near a store here so we just pick up our goods on the same day! :)
I have the PC open to cool it down, the PSU is a Thermaltake Toughpower 600W.


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I'm thinking either of the:

Coolermaster Haf X - i know it's bloody huge, a friend has one.
Thermaltake Overseer
Thermaltake Chaser MK I

Any of those in particular better for any reason given the specs I gave?


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