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This has got me stumped, and I'm usually good at solving problems like this. Anyway here goes.

I took delivery today of an Ortofon MC Quintet Red to replace my ageing Ortofon Vivo Blue MC (which has been sent back to take advantage of Ortofon's exchange program) Installation was very straightforward and as per the instructions but am left with a low level annoying hum. Here is the detail and what I have done so far:

System as shown below and there was no hum on previous cartridge. The hum is only there when the stylus is on the record and the TT is turning, It is very noticeable when on lead in and out. The ground wire runs from TT to Phono Pre Amp. I have tried removing it (no Difference) attaching it to Pre Amp (No Diff) attaching it to both PPA and PA (No diff) and attaching to Mains earth and combinations above with no change.

I have checked the wiring of the TT and everything seems to be checking out, including the arm ground lead.

Phono Pre Amp switches are in the correct position (there are only 2 options MC/MM and Rumble filter(No Diff) and MC is selected)

Sound quality is as it should be apart from this hum. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a defective cartridge, but before I contact the retailer i thought I'd post on here to see if there is anything else I could try.

Thanks in anticipation.
So I managed to get this sorted (eventually), I thought I'd post the results on here just in case anyone else has a similar problem.

All my efforts were in vain, different earth combinations made no difference, I was getting convinced it was a faulty cartridge. I contacted the supplier (Acoustica in Chester UK) who was very helpful and arranged a Rep from Ortofon to call round and check everything out. The chap came round and was as puzzled as I was. He confirmed that everything was set up as it should be, his only concern was that my TT is quite old, and has an AC motor (The new Xpressions have DC) He agreed to replace the cartridge and go from there.

In the time waiting for the new cartridge I managed to borrow a Ortofon Vivo Black which didn't hum as much, but there was definitely a hum in the background. The new Quintet arrived and was installed and the hum was back.

Searching the internet gave some advice, but nothing which worked until I came across a post which suggested re-installing the transit screws in the motor. This I did, and the hum was drastically reduced. Some further searching revealed the following upgrade kit Pro-Ject Audio Systems S/E Upgrade Kit
Which arrived today and totally solved the problem.

Hope this is of help to someone.

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