New card when upgrading to HD?


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Upgrading from Sky+ to HD on 1st Sept and will probably be selling the Sky+ box (Pace3100) on here or Ebay.

My question is, will I get a NEW card for the HD box so that the old card can go with the old box?

If not, will the Sky+ still be able to be used as a Freesat box by the purchaser without the card?


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You will be using the existing smartcard which will just be then paired with the new box and it's subscription upgraded.

A new user will require a freesat card (£20) if they want access to CH4, Five and SKY3 and the FTA channels will be accessibe without but a buyer may just be upgrading their hardware themselves so may not be an issue.


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Prior to my upgrade, I had Plus and a multiroom, I received a new card through the post. The engineer could not pair my old plus card with HD, but the new card paired straight away, and the old card stayed with the plus which was moved to replace the multiroom.
My only worry now is that Sky will charge me for three boxes.
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