New Card and New Dish?


Hi Folks,


Should I get a new viewing card and dish when I upgraded to HD? I didn't get a new dish - I said I got picture breakup problems - the engineer (pretty rude if you ask me) just said that would be a service call, and it was probably down the the LNB anyway. Also, I was told I get posted a new card. It hasn't arrived yet, Box was ordered on Sunday. They've paired by old card, but I've now got a DS430N with no card, and no dish, so I can't even give it to the inlaws as a freeview box.

I wasn't overly impressed with the guy. He took a dirty great chunk out of one of the outside bricks, left cable trailing everywhere. He drilled holes and left piles of dust on the carpet. He also called the 0870 number from my phone (he did ask) and was on hold for over 10 mins... he said that you don't get charged until you get put through to someone, but that's news to me... afaik, you get charged from time they other line picks up... then, to top it all, he disappeared without saying bye, or thanks. The first thing I did was offer him a cup of tea or coffee, so it wasn't me being unsociable.

.. and he also pulled the one of the two LNB cables out when it was in the middle of a software upgrade.... even though it says clearly on screen not to. :eek:

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