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New car for JohnG perhaps

Ian J

Mercedes 300SL here

24,000 miles in 25 years :D

I am looking for an SL for my wife who also used to be JG before we got married but I would demand a huge discount due to the previous owner and not a premium.


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Ian J said:
I am looking for an SL for my wife who also used to be JG before we got married

Hang on, so which one did your wife used to be - Julie Goodyear or JohnG?? :eek: :D


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:D We've been found out Ian ;)
I bet that car stinks of fag smoke if she's been using it for some time though :eek:


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If anyone ever spots "JG 91T" for sale I've always fancied that registration :)


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sean5302 said:
Goodness me!
Both seem to have a lean to their left. Probably dodgy suspension.
One's 25 years old with low mileage.
The other's been well round the clock and certainly isn't 25 years old.

Bored, stroked, line-reamed, re-treaded???
Polished? I don't think so.

I hope you are talking about the car and Ms Goodyear there and not myself and IanJ :rotfl:
I case anyone doesn't get the registration I'm looking for, I plan to make the "9" look like a "g" :)

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