new camera to replace nikon d50


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my nikon d50 has been having some issues and i have had the camera for 7 years. i am looking for an upgrade and had a look at 5100 nikon. i currently have the kit lense for my camera and a 70-200m.

i would prob look at getting a 18-200 lense and just have 1 instead of 2.

any opinions on the nikon 5100 or is there any other makes i should look at. max price would be 500 quid.


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I've had the D5100 a few months and I'm very happy with it. I've no firsthand experience of its competitors in that price bracket but, based on reviews, you can't go far wrong with a D5100 if you want a new DSLR on a budget of £500. Any negatives are fairly well documented in reviews: no internal focus motor, no external ISO button, external control placement not always ideal ( haven't found this an issue, personally) .

Same sensor as the higher spec D7000 so IQ is very good and I've been impressed with its performance in low light/high ISO (although my last camera was a D40 which I found pretty much useless above ISO 400).


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D50 is old and will be poor at high ISO.

D5100 is new(well ish) and rocks at high ISO.

If your happy with nikon then get that. Else look at the canon 60d or something.


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I replaced my D50 with a D7000 - but I was keen to keep the Autofocus motor that most of my lenses required.

If your lenses don't require a motor (they're AF-S) then the D5100 is a the most cost effective way of buying into the latest generation hardware.

Bill Bruner

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Hi colin,

The D50 was my first DSLR, and I have a lot of fond memories of it (it is still on the shelf, because I can't bring myself to sell it). I have moved on to Panasonic for better video, but If I were upgrading to another Nikon and my budget was £500, I would buy a D90 instead of a D5100. To get the D90's features (e.g., focus motor, top mounted LCD) in the new Nikons, I would have to spend £200 more for a D7000. Any of the three cameras can produce stunning images:

D90 pool on Flickr: Flickr: The Nikon D90 Pool
D5100 pool: Flickr: The NIKON D5100 - Official group. Pool
D7000 pool: Flickr: The Nikon D7000 Pool

Hope this is helpful,

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I would get D7000 IMO the autofocus and the better viewfinder are major pluses


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As suggested by Bill, I would also say go for a D90. If you do not want to buy a new one have a look at second hand ones, and the money you save you can buy 50mm F1.8D or even a 35mm F1.8.

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