New CA 640H Software Update out (version 020181)

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by Satch, Apr 24, 2007.

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    New features listed as:

    Faster Navigation in Menu Screens
    The content of Menu screens is now cached, so that lists of Albums, Artists, Tracks and genre's are loaded faster

    Retaining Playlist content
    Previously, a hard drive Rescan would cause the arrangements of tracks in Playlists to be lost. This has now been rectified so Playlist arrangements are stored on a seperate section of the Hard Drive

    Displaying Multiple Track Artists
    On compilation albums, where more than one artist contributed tracks, the album would previously have had to be renamed as having all tracks by the same artist (Various Artists) to avoid duplication in menu screens. Now, the 640H can detect Album artists and track artists seperately, so only the Album Artist tag will be read

    Correct display of Bitrate
    Some ripping programmes could cause the 640h to display an incorrect bitrate of 56k on tracks ripped at a higher rate. The correct bitrate is now displayed

    Correct display of Genre
    Some Genre's would appear as 'Unknown Genre' So long as Genre's are part of the recognised MP3 set, they will now be correctly displayed

    Would be interesting to get feedback on the upgrade from others who own this piece of kit. I'll be upgrading mine tonight...

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