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Im looking for a home cinema system but have just bought a Pioneer DVR220 DVD recorder so really i dont need an all in one system. My only problem is that i only really wanted to spend £200-£250 and it seems that buying an amp alone can be more expensive than a whole package. I would prefer some speakers that are the tall ones on stands too.
Basically im not bothered if i buy separately or an all in one package but i would just like something that does the job. Dolby Digital - Yes 500w plus preffered but i am aware that mega power through poor speakers is pointless so with me only wanting to spend £200 ish ish is there anything that can be suggested at all to fit my needs. Any suggestions will be a real help, thanks.
Oh, another thing, are Richer Sounds a good company to help me with my needs?

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Welcome to the forums scully :thumbsup:

Yamaha receiver and reasonable (not great, but you can upgrade later!) speakers for £170

Do a search for the Yamaha AV50 pack - it's a good starting point for 5.1 sound.

Richer sounds are often cheap if you know exactly what you want and don't let them substitute in their own gear when they can't find what you want. I bought my Mordaunt-Shorts from them and got a great price.

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