new burnATonce version query


I've just dl the new version. On the mastering tab it has no DVD option anymore just audio and data.Can it still Back up DVDS or has it dropPed the feature?



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Hi Keanyboy,
Have a read and follow instructions.

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jamieo Posted: Sep 14 2003, 06:49 PM

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How do I enable DVD support for burnatonce?

DVD support uses a third party program called ProDVD which requires a license key. Keys are free for private or non commercial use - see below for more information.

Please note that ProDVD does not lock the writer so do not attempt to open the device in explorer etc. during writing. Also, Win9x based systems are not supported.

Obtaining a license key:

Do not contact anyone at burnatonce.com regarding license keys!

Without a license key you'll only be able to simulate writing or write 1GB at a time. To write more than 1GB you'll need a license key for ProDVD which is available by including your full name, email address, intended use (commercial, private etc.) and operating system in an email to [email protected]

Ensure email is sent as Plain Text otherwise the automatic responder will not understand your request.

Please do not email or PM anyone at burnatonce.com - we all had to apply for keys too. If you wish to post a query or some information regarding ProDVD licensing please do so in this topic only - posts elsewhere will be removed.

Directions for installing ProDVD:
Download ProDVD by clicking here and copy it into the burnatonce\external folder
Navigate to Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment Variables
Enter the key for the current user or for the whole system by clicking 'New' in the relevent box:
Variable name: CDR_SECURITY
Variable value: 8:dvd,clone:i586-pc-cygwin::::........
Restart your computer.
At the beginning of writing 'This copy of cdrecord is licensed for: ProDVD Clone' should be displayed in the command log if everything was done correctly. If writing hangs or aborts straight away then your key is corrupt or has not been entered correctly.


If you like using burnatonce please donate to support further development.

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