New bulb for old projector or new projector?


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Hi all,

I have a five year old Sharp 380H LCD Projector which has now done around 6000 hours and is really in need of a new bulb. The cheapest I can find a new bulb for is over £500 and that is not including fitting, which appears not to be user-fittable - although I also have not found anyone willing to fit it.

So, this got me thinking. The Panasonic PTAE-100E is around £1200 so would it be a better buy? I see lots of posts about the Panasonic here (some quite scarey!) so I'll give a few specs re. the Sharp below:

927,360 pixels, 250 lumen, 4:3, over 10Kg.

The Panasonic seems technically to be far superior although it is under half the price.

Opinions really appreciated.


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Well OK no-one got any advice :confused:

Never mind, I've read everything about the entry level Sanyo and Panasonic projectors and I think it would be better to get one of these than pay £500+ for a new bulb on a 5 year old projector.

What (I think) I was looking for were comments from anyone who has purchsed (or used) one of these new 'cheap' projectors to replace an older more expensive model. Has technology improved enough that a £1500 one beats a five year old £4000 one?

Great forum BTW. Loads of knowledge to suck in :cool:
It goes against any 'green' ideas I may have, but now that bulb life is extended it gets hard to envisage changing the bulb on many projectors.

By the time many will be replacing the bulb on their Ae-100s the cost of a new better specced projector may well be less than the cost of a bulb!

I think you've come to the right conclusion.

Ian Guinan

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A 5 year old LCD projector is really "ancient" in home cinema terms! You will see a marked improvement in quality going to a newer model. £500 is a lot of money for a bulb, especially when the projector is so old. If you have the cash, I'd certainly be looking to upgrade to something better. You could pick up a nearly new Panasonic for not much more (one was going for about £800 in the classifieds the other week).

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