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Hello all, I've seen various threads with advice but I suppose everyones needs/requirements are slightly different so I've started my own thread.

Just in the process of planning our house, building will start in the next couple of months, and I'm trying to figure out what is best for the sound-system. I want it to be wired rather than wireless, and have so far looked at the Systemline 7, and a Sonos Amp system, although we wouldn't neccesarily use their speakers, need to look at best value for money.

I think we'll need 3 zones, outside, the main living area (open plan living room and kitchen), and our bedroom suite (bedroom and seperate dressing room, possibly the en-suite but not sure yet). The main living area will be exposed beams, so will probably have to be wall speakers, or speakers that are well hidden in the trusses. In the main living room I did wonder about having the option of playing the TV through the speakers but wasn't sure if it's better off just getting a sound bar?

Am I right in saying with the Systemline you can only put on 2 speakers per channel? And also with the Sonos Amp is it only 2 wired speakers per amp? I have briefly looked in to the Yamaha Musicast but I believe this is purely wireless and you have to use the Yamaha speakers?

I'm going in to Richer Sounds this weekend, and have emailed a few AV companies, but was hoping someone on here could give me a bit of guidance on what I have already suggested, and maybe suggest any alternative ideas/solutions?

Thanks in advance.

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Wired Speakers - with most systems you can usually put 2 pairs of the same Impedance speakers onto a single 'stereo' channel as long as you do not exceed the indicated impedance the amp manufacturer will indicate. Where that is not possible you can add an impedance matching speaker switch to add additional pairs of speakers to a Zone Amp.

MusicCast - Yamaha have a whole range of multi-room options, including zone Amps you can use with any loudspeaker your care to select.

Wireless - most, if not all, systems such as SONOS, MusicCast etc will have the option of wired network connectivity if you prefer to hard wire devices, you will still require decent Wi-Fi throughout the house for control via Apps though!

TV audio - SONOS and Yamaha both offer your Soundbars which can be integrated into a multi-room Music system.

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