New Build Windows XP not showing CD drive


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Hi yah looking just need an answer to some thing quickley.

I have just installed a CD drive in my computer but i have a felling im missing a cable but im not sure.

Its an internal CD re writer, and connected are the IDE ribbon and the power.

should there be another connected to this? as i cant see any other cables that would go init. and will this affect ant any thing.

I just installed windows XP as well from CD so that worked but when I load up windows its not showing the drive in my computer.

so now I cant load any of the drivers on to the computer from CD or usb as there drivers are not there.


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have you set the jumper at the back of the drive to the correct position for one drive it should be set to "master"


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it woant be showing the usb if the drivers for it have not been installed, if you have got a service pack installed then they should but if you just got xp with no updates it woant

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