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New Build to keep options open

Mr Andy

Active Member
I'm looking for a build that will allow me to do normal PC stuff, but will be running at least two monitors (I may do some work on it and tend to have code, spec and output so may run three). I don't currently game so specced a cheap card but that may change so I'd like to be able to upgrade it without changing too much else (the card would most likely get reused in the older machine)

I5 3570 (maybe K) £166-£176- at a push this could be 3770 of some kind
ATX mobo - not sure about this one, space to increase the RAM is a must
OCZ 120GB SSD £70 (most likely adding an exisiting 320GB drive for storage)
8GB 1600MHz RAM (£38)
basic DVD drive (possible from the old rig and put a Blue Ray in that HTPC)
6450 gpu (£30)
Coolermaster Silencio 550 with GX 550W PSU (£105)

I put this into an ebuyer basket and it came in at a bit under £500. I want it to be as quiet as possible. Would the 550W psu leave room for a gaming gpu at a later date?


Distinguished Member
The HD 4000 graphics in the 3570K/3770K supports triple monitors itself with a compatible motherboard so the 6450 may be redundant if you end up with a processor that powerful.

The cheap coolermaster power supplies aren't brilliant from what I've read but they should be perfectly adequate for a mid-range card.

Mr Andy

Active Member
I knew the chip had some basic gpu inbuilt but didn't know it would run three screens
Would this be a suitable board?
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Socket 1155 VGA DVI HDMI 8 Channel.. | Ebuyer.com

I'm not too sure about the case (not keen on the idea of a plastic front) so would be interted in suggestions for a quiet PSU and case. (and how much power may be needed).
I like the look of these but they are more money
Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl Case | Ebuyer.com
Coolermaster Silencio 650 Case | Ebuyer.com


Distinguished Member
The triple screen support is new functionality so I would try and find a motherboard that supports it explicitly, I don't think you can assume any motherboard with three outputs will let you use them all at once unless it specifically says so.

Power supply depends on what sort of card you have in mind (£100 7770 or £300 7970) and whether you're planning to overclock the CPU. 550W is probably the upper limit of what you want though.

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