New build started..


..further to an earlier post asking for advice I got the new machine running today

After a bit of a chat with a mate we decided to ditch my first plan of a motherboard bundle and PCIe graphics card and go with this spec:

P8H67-M RPO motherboard
i3 2120 CPU @ 3.3 Ghz
8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz
Novatech vision case

£263. A bit more than the original bundle plan, but I've doubled the memory, got a better motherboard (USB 3, 6gb/s sata etc) and a slightly faster processor.

I had an old 160Gb 2.5" hard drive from my laptop which will act as the C drive, a spare DVD RW drive and a quiet case fan (stolen from old htpc) were added.
You can see I've found space for the 2.5" drive next to the caddy at the top of the pic, I just need a bit of double sided tape to keep it in place. Will be adding a 2Tb drive for media.

Everything worked first time, even the power on from the remote that comes with the case.
After reading that some find the psu noisy in this case I was quite surprised, mine is pretty quiet even with the top of the case off.
I used the db meter on my phone, 44/45 db 12" above the machine. If I turn the machine off I am still seeing around 37db.

Still need to tidy the front panel wiring a bit, but not looking too bad.

Now come the questions:

1) You can see I have both sticks of ram on channel A.. should I put one in the first slot of channel B ?

2) Adding a Hauppauge HD-PVR to record from a sky box at a later date, but I also want a DVB-T for ease of use, novatech (who are local to me) sell Compro or Kworld - are they any good or should I just order something online ? recommendations please ? Will be running WMC / media portal. Dual tuners useful but not essential, don't mind if its PCI, PCIe or USB.

Crappy phone pic, will do some better ones tomorrow


Have had a look around and quite like the idea of this: Compro Technology, Inc.
Which has DAB radio too.
From what I can read the Compro software is crap but if I go with WMC or media portal that doesn't matter ?

Any thoughts ?

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The case actually comes with a remote that works with media centre..

Got hold of a 2tb ddrive and stuck that in and swapped one strip of memory to channel B.

Got put off the compro stick because everyone says the software is junk, obviously you don't need it for TV but would need to use it for DAB.
Ended up buying a KWorld dual usb stick, which also came with a remote! Working in media centre and its own software just fine.

To finish off the refresh I want to get an HD-PVR and buy a new av amp as mine is an old unit that doesn't have hdmi switching.

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