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Hi, this is my first post - plus im completely new to the whole distributed home AV. I have done a little reading to try and at least get a grasp of what i might need (as well as visiting a company that specialises in automation).

Im on a bit of a budget though (3-5k) so I need to look at a bit of a self-build distributed AV system. So here goes, please bear with me and if you can find the time to offer your knowledge and experience i would greatfully appreciative.

Im looking at a 4x4 system
4 inputs = Sky HD, DVD/BD player, Xbox & Shuttle PC (running Boxee SW acting as main media streamer)
Other devices:
- NAS drive (that i will look to connect to the Shuttle PC)
- Denon AVR 1909 Amplifier
- Harmony One remote (i have one and will look to get a couple more of these for the ouput rooms)
4 outputs = Lounge (55" LED Smart TV - not yet purchased), Kitchen (37" Samsung), Bedroom (24" Samsung), Guest Room (No TV currently)

I have seen a couple of switches Wyrestorm MX-0404-PRO HDMIv1.3b Cat 6 Matrix and a HD Anywhere Singlewire system. Both would seem to manage the video distribution and have IR pass thru.
  • Would Cat 5e suffice or should i really be looking at Cat 6 - what are typical cost differences and upsides/downsides?
  • How can i centralise the Denon Amp and still control it with the Harmony remote, and how would this be connected to the respective 4 devices - via digial/component audio?
  • I would like to use the 2 zone function of the amp (5.1 in lounge, 2 in Kitchen) how could i set this up to work in such a way? Failing that im guessing i will need to place the amp in Lounge, but how could i control this from the Kitchen over IR?
  • iPod connection to the amp - id like to be able to play music from an iPod in the kitchen to the speakers in the Kitchen (my central location is planned to be just on the other side of a wall to the kitchen)
  • What sort of speakers should i be looking at for Lounge and Kitchen. I had considered ceiling speakers for lounge - but given this will be main viewing area concerned the audio might be out of synch with the viewing position of the telly. Kitchen has vaulted ceilings so i was just considering wall mounted speakers either side of the TV. Moderately good speaker considerations - Kef?
  • Despite already owning Samsung tellys not been a big fan - but the UE55D8000YU has caught my eye and really does seem to tick the boxes for the Lounge set-up - good choice?
I dont think what im trying to do is THAT complex, the bit im having the real problem with understanding is connecting the amplifier to the set-up, i already own this and want to be able to utilise it as best i can - the 2 zone capability seems a good way to do this for what i need.

Of course, if anyone has any suggestions and if there is a cheaper alternative way to achieve what i want (even if it means having to forego something to make it work) then im open to your knowledge and experience.

Thanks in advance you wonderful people!


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I've just had a thought - if i buy an Xbox Kinect sensor, i will have to move the xbox out of the central placement and in to one of the output areas such as the lounge. Bummer!

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