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Jul 10, 2017
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Hello All,

I am about to start building an attached garage which will serve as a cinema room.

Internal dimensions 5m wide by 5.5m long, single story with vaulted ceiling. Cavity wall construction, with acoustic plasterboard. No windows, 1 internal fire door connecting to main house, insulated roller shutter garage door (which won't be used much). Looking at the following home cinema set up: -
  • Epson TW7300 (ceiling mounted)
  • Denon AVRX2300W receiver
  • M.Audio bronze W10 sub woofer
  • M.Audio CT165 in ceiling speakers x 5 (3 front, 2 back)
  • Audio pearl HDMI 10M
Total comes to £3,727.95 + installation c £500. My budget is £4,500 including install.

Screen wise will either paint the back wall with the special screen paint or purchase a c120 inch projector screen.

  1. Could I get more value for money or is the above package decent?
  2. Thoughts on the setup?
  3. Been as it’s a new build anything that you guys would recommend?
  4. Any other suggested set ups for c£4.5K installed.
PS see garage plans, keep in mind that it will actually be attached to the house. Screen will be on the back wall, with the projector ceiling mounted, HDMI running to face plate on left hand side wall, will add a table to house Denon amp and sub woofer.


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Are you keeping the roller door accessible from the cinema? This will leak a lot in terms of sound. If you are going to build a stud wall behind it it should keep sound and heat inside much better but will necessitate the addition of another exit to satisfy buildings inspectors.

In terms of equipment, you could get a much better sub for your money if you look at B.K. Electronics Homepage
The ceiling speakers are a massive compromise compared to bookshelf or satellite setup, also with a vaulted ceiling i'm not sure how you'd fit those.
HDMI cable; there's no need to spend any more than £20 for one to suit. Pick one up of amazon and ideally forget about the wall plate, more connections = more problems.
I would try to get the Denon X3300 as it has XT32 room correction.
Good choice on the projector ;) but if you can stretch to the 9300 it has better black levels.
Thanks for your input:)

With the garage door, I plan to have a removable frame, basically 2 large custom made frames with acoustic form behind, then covered in grey fabric to match the room. I might even hinge these for ease of storage. And or a curtain blinds.

I guess I could put the speaker in the walls, rather than the ceiling then.
If you can go to satellite speakers rater than in wall/ceiling(worth noting that these will sound better than the ones you mentioned in the op), this is an excellent package. Denon AVR-X3300W Receiver with Monitor Audio Mass AV Speakers If you phone them up they are known to sell the package without the subwoofer and knock a few hundred off the price.

The 9300W projector i mentioned before is listed at £3k everywhere, but if you contact one of the assured advertisers on this site you'll find it can be had a bit cheaper. Leaving enough of your original budget to cover a decent sub.
Are you hoping to get 4K? If so, I would change the cable to a Ruipro and you may need to take out the faceplate.
For the front sound stage I wouldn't think the monitor audios would give you the dynamics and output needed for proper home cinema, however this really depends on what your looking for aesthetics wise and what volume levels you listen at. As it is a dedicated room I would definitely be looking at something with more oomph. If your looking for small speakers/satellites as a compromise over in ceiling speakers, I can assure that the quality of the Q Acoustics 7000i package is brilliant. Also the 3000 package contain relatively small speakers which is something to consider. As mentioned above a BK sub would provide much more meaningful output than the W10. For £500 you are getting close to the price of the monolith plus, which is a beast compared. Alternatively, the xxls400 and xls200 are great sealed options with a smaller footprint.

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