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New house is currently being built, so I need to figure out what I need to do - bear in mind I'm not tech-savvy.................

- we will have Sky HD - one box, in the lounge
- No TV aerial at all
- I would like all TV points around the house to receive the Sky picture/sound
- not fussed about having different channels in different rooms
- not fussed about terrestrial TV, DAB, FM etc - just Sky
- not fussed about HD quality in any rooms except the lounge. Needs to be decent pic/sound though!

My idea is;

- When Sky is installed, get the cable feed to the loft instead of the SKY box directly

- Some sort of splitter (Loftbox?) in the loft

- Cables go from the splitter to all of the TV points (co-ax cable?, standard TV aerial plates?)

- 2 Cables go from the splitter to the Sky Box - one for the signal from the dish, one returning the Sky feed back to the splitter for distribution

- HDMI cable goes from Sky box to Lounge TV

- Maybe use magic eyes for the "other" TV's?

Does this sound feasible and sensible?

What kind of cable should I be getting installed? Is standard "new build" aerial cable ok?

Is there anything I should be aware of?

Thanks for any advice!!!


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Sky generally won't enter lofts, but there's no need to run the dish cable/s into the distribution amp anyway. Run that direct to the Sky box, then you have one cable sending the RF output back to the amp. I'd run two just in case you do want to add an aerial in future.

The RF distribution system will give SD picture with mono sound. How 'decent' this is depends on your expectations and the TV sizes you'll be using. All cabling should ideally be WF100, then you can choose to use them for sat or RF distribution. Standard new build cabling is likely be cheap low quality tat...

I would also be thinking of running cat5e cabling to each room also, at least 3 with 1 for data and 2 for HD video distribution. Add extra for future expansion/spares as you see fit, you can never have too much!


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If you use a Loft Box - and it seems as if this might fit the bill - the LNB cables can go to that. You'll then need a minimum of two coaxial cables to the main watching room and at least one to every other room.

But, bearing in mind spouse's propensity for swapping furniture, you might like to double up on that and have sockets on opposite walls in each room. Switching furniture around would then simply require you to swap connections in the loft.


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New house is currently being built, ..

Is there anything I should be aware of?

I know you have said you are satisfied now with what is a basic rf distribution system but up & down the country loads of people would envy your situation in being at the stage of being able to just lay cables round a new build before the boards etc.. go on & not having to rip up flooring/ floor boards & into nicely decorated plaster walls just to hide media cables.

I really would advise you plan & lay extra cables now, even though you won't be using them now - coax & cat 5/6 cable is relatively cheap & easy to put in place now, you may really curse some time in the future plus it may be attractive to a potential buyer if & when you put it on the market.


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Pedro is right. Run lots of cables to every room. The cost is minimal compared with the nightmare of adding it as an afterthought.
You are also likely to notice the difference between SD and HD when you have HD on one TV and SD on the others. If you run Cat6 cables at least you will have the option to upgrade to HD in the future.

I would also invest in an aerial as well as always handy having a Freeview as backup if sky fails or you do want to watch something else in another room.


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Thanks everyone, really useful :)

Cat5/Cat6 - could you give me a brief idea of how this would be used at home - to me TV is Coax or HDMI, and Cat5/Cat6 is what we have at work!!

Cat5/6 is multipurpose cable,

HDMI over Cat5/6
IR Over Cat5/6

The list is endless

Coax is usually only Standard Definition not HD

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