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Hi everyone,

We’ve recently moved into a David Wilson new build and I’ve got a question about the pre-installed aerial cabling. Does anybody know if the aerial cable that goes from the loft to the media plate in the living room is likely to be inside conduit or loose inside the cavity surround by insulation?

The reason for my question, we are the middle property in a row of 3 x three storey houses. We are south facing so a Sky dish would have to be on the back of the house, but the living room is at the front. If we brought a Sky cable in through the back of the property it would have to go through a couple of internal walls and I don’t want to do that.

My thinking is to get an independent installer to fit a dish to the rear of the property, then put the cable through into the loft space and then down to the living room. We have no plans to utilise the aerial cable so I’m thinking the satellite cable could be tied to aerial cable in the loft space and then pulled through in the living room but I think this would only work if the cable is inside a conduit.

Any ideas if this is feasible or any alternatives I might have missed?


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I’d say neither, the cable will be clipped to the wooden battons and framework all through the house, only slack will be when it enters house. There might be a dome on roof for the cabling, it roof is flat.


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There’s no actual aerial installed. The developers no longer install them. There’s three aerial points in the property (Kitchen, master bedroom and living room) and the the cables all go upto the loft and are just sat loose.


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In theory, yes that will work. But using the aerial cable rather than replacing it.

Will be dependant on the cable quality.

Sky HD can work with only one cable, but Sky Q cant without some eletronic kit. It usually need two feeds.

Have you taken the plate off the wall in the lounge to see how many cables you do have. If its a new build house it would be odd not to have 2 or 3 there, even if they are backward builders that has been standard for a good 10-20 years


I thought pre installed Sky cables was standard these days, along with a 'media plate'

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