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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by Chester, Jul 15, 2018.

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    Hi all! I am blessed with a very exciting opportunity to help with a basement home cinema that truly is a blank canvas right now. Construction of the building is well under way with the upper floor built within the next couple of weeks.

    My humble experiences so far are helping with the layout, design, equipment and set-up of multi-purpose rooms, so this is new frontier for me. Unfortunately we didn't get off to the greatest of starts; the room to block is 5 x 5 metres, estimated ceiling height is around 2.3 metres. With supporting walls and such, I didn't get chance to try and get this 'adjusted' as the plans had already been submitted at the time and it would be too costly (mostly in terms of time) to do. However we do get to have a symmetrical layout at least which isn't something I get to play with; hang on, I think this will be the first one!

    So the first thing is to try and figure out what internal dimensions would be good to end up with for a room with 2-tiered seating. Any pointers you guys can give me would be fantastic. I'll get some photos of the room (not much to see right now, it's just concrete) and document the progress right here.

    Thanks in advance, and really looking forward to this journey...

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