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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Simonav1, Aug 27, 2018.

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    We are buying a new build from Bovis Homes, who allow a company called Home Hub Instalations to pre wire the house for AV, Cameras, sound etc.

    I have been through all the ‘New Build’ threads, which have been brilliant. I am a bit of a novice, so would like some expert advice please! Below is what I am planning (eventually, wiring is a priority as it’s first fix in 3 weeks):

    - To each main TV point (Living room, kitchen, master Bed, dining/play room) x3 Cat 6, Coax (Free View), power located behind TV
    - x2 Cat 6 in most rooms for other use
    - front and rear wall speaker cables and rear ceiling speaker cable in Living room
    - x2 speakers in Kitchen/Diner, Master Bed, en suite and main bathroom, as well as study and Dinning room (playroom/second family room)
    - some form of smart alarm system, wired
    -Cat 6 to camera points (will use my existing POE camera system)

    All goes back to a ‘node 0’ Rack under the stairs.

    Some questions:

    - is node 0 the best solution, we will be using sky Q, which seems to have its own solution. Also with built in free view tuners, and cheap amazon and other dongles that can be put on all the TVs, is it worth the massive cost of HDMI matrix?
    - How does the sound output from the Main TV in the sitting room get to the speakers, local or remote Amp in the Node 0?
    - what hardware to I need eventually drive the seperate music zones? I have Amazon Prime music
    - How is this all controlled? I see a lot of talk about IT blasters, but Sky Q seems to use Bluetooth, and I am not sure what the Amazon Fire boxes use
    - Any suggestions for a wired smart alarm system? Most of the ones I see are wireless. Don’t need camera support
    - Any other advice?

    Many thanks in advance, and sorry for the long list of questions!

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