New Build (almost complete) Asus Z77 Sabertooth/W7 install help please


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Hi chaps.

I am a techie person who has repaired and installed many bits of PC hardware and OS's and an electrical/electronics engineer, so hopefully i can keep up the lingo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first entire new build for my son. The build is almost complete with the exception of an aftermarket CPU cooler and an optical drive which will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

The basic specs of the system are

Corsair Carbide 400r case
Corsair TX 750w PS
Asus Z77 Sabertooth MB
3750K CPU
Gigabyte Windforce 7950 GPU
Corsair Vengance 1600mhz 8GB ram
Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD
WD Caviar Green 1TB HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

My question is relatively simple;
Do I need to install any Asus drivers or Bios Updates BEFORE the Windows install?
I can see that the MB does indeed come with a drivers disk, but the (very extensive) manual doesn't seem to indicate whether this needs to happen before the OS install.
I am rather hoping you will say that enough basic drivers are packaged within W7 to cope with this MB and that I can run drivers from a Windows environment. There certainly is an option within the Asus software to update Bios through Windows as well as local flash options.

Many thanks for any answers.

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It will install straight from the windows disk without any additional drivers needing to be loaded.

Set the ssd sata drive port to ahci and don't install any additional drivers for it, just use the microsoft drivers on windows disk.:smashin:


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I was hoping this would be the case. The manual is very intimidating (but the MB is beautifully built) and seemed to infer that the driver package was very specific to that MB. I was just hoping that W7 would cover it until the OS was installed and I could look into it then.
(No problem with ACHI/IDE, I have been playing with SSDs for a few years now) Although I believe all newer W7 complaint MBs are ACHI by default in Bios?)


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I think they are now, but I always check, I suppose its because I have historical practice imprinted in me now.

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