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I recently decided to get into the stereo speaker world for HiFi music replay primarly. I am a complete ameatur to the world of high end audio, so please forgive me if I regurgitate some internet misinformation.

The goal of this project is to create the best sounding stereo HiFi system on a budget of around $1500 USD. I have selected the Tannoy XT6Fs as my speakers after reading many reviews and finding a great deal in my local area.

The question I need help answering is what intergrated stereo amp to use for these speakers. The requirements as I can see it are:

• Integrated high quality DAC
• Enough power to adaquatly and safely power the XT6Fs
• USB Input preffered
• Multiple digital inputs to connect XBOX, TV, Computer to speakers
• Around $500 USD

So far, to me, the best options looks like the Denon PMA-50, NAD D3020, PS Audio Sprout. I just am uncertain wether or not these amps will be able to adaquatly power these speakers for an apartment living room situation. I am moving houses soon so I do not know the general dimensions of the room but we can assume it will be med/large (? whatever that means haha).

I have considered an AV reciever as they seem to advertise much more power for the price then these integrated stereo amps.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated!!!


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The good news is that you have gone for what sound to me like a very good pair of speakers. I have a soft spot for Tannoys and they tend to be a very versatile and forgiving speaker in that you don't need to worry too much about what amp you pair them with. Without wanting to upset you though, this is hardly the high end of audio. :)

I am not a great expert on these things but I can't help wondering if you are trying to expect too much from an amp. The number of amps that come with an integrated DAC are still relatively few and those that do may not have the best DAC in them. You may be better looking at a network streamer device that will allow other deices to connect and just rely on the amp to provide decent quality output to the speakers. I would also be hesitant to connect the PC to the amp directly as the DAC in PCs is generally not very good unless you have some sort of dedicated, high quality audio card. A beter option woudl be to ensure you record / rip your source material to a decent file (such as FLAC) and then store them on a NAS box which your streamer can then pick up. If you want to keep it simple then consider an all in one type device such as a Cyrus Lyric. Not a cheap option but it does give you everything in one box (amp, CD, streamer, DAC), has plenty of punch an should sound bright and lively with those Tannoys. Naim also do something similar which will probably cost you even more but I, personally, am not a fan of their stuff at all. Am yet to hear a Naim system that sounds good / remotely worth the $$ they charge - to my ears, anyway.

Hopefully this will kick the ball rolling on this thread for you. :)

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No experience with the Denon but I had the pleasure of demoing a Nad D3020 in my setup at home which a fellow member brought round one evening and thought its a very nice unit. Great SQ with some kick for a low powered amp but you wouldn't think so when using it.

However, The nad is unsuitable for the tannoys. They are 8ohms speakers which will drop the Nad from its 30w to a meagre 15w which is below the speakers recommended amplifier power rating which is 25w-75w
The Denon at 25wpc just meets the minimum and makes it just about suitable but I personally like to have a comfort zone and would look at ones that is much higher in power.

As said, stereo amplifiers available with dac has increased but not massively so and they will possible have a 2 digital inputs (optical and Coax) for one that could possibly cater for all your requirements are even less and cost a hefty sum .

For the budget or may be a little above, it might better to look at a separate stereo amp and external dac to accommodate the digital connections. If you don't mind second hand then a very good dac and amplifier could be had for the budget.

In saying that, you speak in $$ which suggest you are in the US and this is a UK forum so i cannot suggest anything as i do not know what is available to you for the budget and prices

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