New budget amp or 2nd hand Harman Kardon?




Just realised I put amp in the title... oops, i meant CD player!

I am a bit of a hi-fi novice trying to set up my first seperates system without killing my bank balance! I have got my grubby mitts on a second hand Rotel RA970BX amp for £80 and am looking for a CD player and some speakers.

My local Richer Sounds has some Kef 10s in for £60 that supposedly sell at £200 so I am thinking they might be a good buy. I can spend more but if they are decent and sound like a £200 pair of speakers I am not sure why I should. Anyone have any experience with them or can recomend somthing else?

I was originaly looking at spending between £100 and £150 on a CD player but I have been offered a second hand Harman Kardon hd7300 delivered for just £35. Apparently it cost £275 new 7 years ago but I can find nothing about it on the internet, hence I have turned to this forum! Any ideas if that is a good buy or not?

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