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Hey folks - looking for some quick advice on a low cost receiver. Don't mind buying open box or used. But cost is an issue. Let me tell you briefly where I am:

Living room, with a Sony 5.1 setup, dn str-1000 - used for 12yrs, and I've been really happy with it.
I recently upgraded my TV to a Samsung Q80t - 4k, my receiver can't handle the 4k, so I want to get something newer.

My requirements though are I think, very basic;
-Sounds as good as my Sony str-1000, or better!
-Supports 5.1 (no need for anything more than that for me)
-Has at least 3x 4k HDMI inputs
-Supports ARC (not sure if I need eARC?)
-Supports HDCP 2.2
-All 5 speakers banana plugs if possible
-Any other bells and whistles are a bonus - unless there's a major feature you guys think I should have?

Exclusive use of the receiver is tv/movies. Biggest issue will be budget, again used/open box is ok, but I'm really in the sub $260 market.

I've looked at the Yamaha RX385 as a potential good option, seems to have what I need I think - open box as low as $180
Also looked at the Sony DH590 for around $230 open box. The Sony only has front left/right as banana plugs tho.

I'm not an audiophile, and my big question for those is whether they would sound as good as my current str-1000? The str1000 is now 12yrs old, but was a $500 receiver when new, so I don't know if the tech has gotten better/cheaper so that a $250 sounds as good as a 12yr old $500 receiver?

Appreciate any advice!


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I have a possibility to get a Pioneer Elite SC-91 used for $300 - is it better to go with something like that that's a few years older, than a cheaper newer model? I believe it has ARC and HDCP 2.2 - thoughts on this? Anything key I'm missing with the slightly older model?

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