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Just bought a new(to me) car.It has a double factory fitted unit with BT for calls only.
I would like to buy a new Head Unit,not an expensive one, if that makes any difference.
Can I have it so that it uses both the steering wheel controls AND the built in mic?Would that depend on the model of radio?

Edit: Also, would be nice if I could skip backwards and forwards using the radio/steering wheel controls when streaming via BT from my iPhone.
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Some more details on the car and the current headunit might help?
Assuming a factory fitted headunit it may need a facia adapter and ISO loom adapter to connect a 3rd party unit, you will probably need another loom adapter for the steering wheel controls.
All that is available on eBay - just search on your car make, model + ISO adapter etc.
If the mic will be reusable will depend on the connectors. I had a Parrot kit in my Golf but the mic wasn't compatible with the Pioneer unit I replaced it all with so I had to run the new cable and mic anyway.

My Pioneer connects over BT to my iPhone 6 - that gives calls and music with limited skip and shuffle functions on the head unit. This should be pretty standard on most units with bluetooth calling and music.

It's always quiet in here, you might want to look for a manufacturer specific forum to get some more detailed help.


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Yeah, it is a bit quiet :D
The car is a 57 plate Nissan Note with a factory fitted double Din unit.Apparently the unit is attached to the centre dashboard piece.Four screws and the whole thing pops out.Will need to apparently elongate a couple of holes, drill out some dimples on the cage and remove/file down some parts on the inside of the facia(and I presume that would add to the cost of a pro install).I know I need the adaptor and patch lead for particular make of HU.
I had a Parrot MKi9200 in my last car.Did the job,but would prefer a built in unit.Currently waiting on a single DIN centre dashboard with cage.If I go that route at least I can just swap it back if need be, and not looking at a touchscreen unit anyway.

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