New Brighton Lighthouse & Fort Perch Rock


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Hi All,

I went out with a friend of mine last night down to New brighton hoping to get some nice sunset shots but unfortunately the clouds ruined that one :mad:

We still managed to get quite a few images after dark with the lights from the docks in Liverpool bouncing off the cloud cover and I've done a few HDR conversions from when there was still some sun showing!

The full set is on my Flickr page here but I'll post a few that I'm particularly happy with.

1) HDR Landscape shot

2) HDR close-up of lighthouse

3) HDR sun breaking through cloud

All of these images are non-HDR

4) Sea defence (colour fade added in PS)

5) Purple skies (colour is original)

6) Imposing Lighthouse

And the last one..

7) Fort Perch Rock

All images were taken with the 18-55 kit lens. Thanks for looking, all C&C appreciated.



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No 1 is a really great shot and actually makes New Brighton look like it's worth a visit :D

I like the way No 4 draws you into the shot with the clouds and sea wall.

I wish i had a proper camera when I lived there as there are so many photo ops on the Wirral coast.


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Nice shots - The HDR look isn't to my taste, but they're well composed and have interesting details.

I think No 3 is almost a great shot. If it had been framed a little to the right, and with the horizon a little higher in the frame it would have worked very nicely. It would also have cropped out the blown out sky and made the rocks in the foreground a more interesting feature.

Nice work though :smashin:


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Thanks a lot for everybody's feedback, I do appreciate it. Liquid, thanks for the constructive criticism, I'll take it into account next time I'm down that way. I actually got a couple more images from the same viewpoint but at a slightly different angle in the set which might work slightly better.


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