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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by drummer, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Hi Guys, I have taken the leap into the unknown with the purchase of a Pioneer DVR-420H machine. Guess what? How to connect to my other 'boxes'?I have a PanasonicTX-21V2 TV (old but faithfull) with 2 scarts AV1, AV2, a Sharp VC-MH715HM Video (backup machine due to the better Sony going wrong yet again, hence buying the DVD-R) with 2 scarts AV1, AV2, and finally a freeview digibox with only 1 scart. One thing I wish to do is record some old videos over to DVD-R discs on the new machine. Needless to say the wiring diagrams in the manual don't show the configuration I have. As a complete novice I am sure someone can help me out as to the best way to connect everything up so all the boxes see each other. The helpfull staff at Richer Sounds tried but due to me not having the details could not help very much, however I did buy 1 enhanced scart cable and would like to know where best to use it?

    Thanks for reading my thread... let the fun begin!

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