New bookshelves for Denon AVR 1312

B Tank

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Hi I have this entry level av receiver and will be purchasing a first set of speakers for it soon.

I want floorstanders but I don't think the AVR will be able to handle them because its as entry level as your gonna get, someone could confirm this?

I will work for a 2.0 system first, then will come 2.1, then 5.1.

I have £200 or so for first set of 2 bookshelf speakers, I want them to have as much bass as possible.

I think I have narrowed my choice down to two, Diamond 10.2 and Mission MX2. Specs wise the diamond are more suited to my AVR I think, being only 6ohm and a lower freq response, so more bass right? I like bass.

But I love the look of the missions, they look so much nicer than the wharfedales but have a higher freq response and higher resistance, maybe too much for my AVR?

I really like the look of Dali Zensor 1 but they are too small unfortunately so I guess they don't give as much as the other two 6 inchers.

What would you guys recommend?

B Tank

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I really like the mission mx2, but they are rated at 8 ohms. My avr only gives 75 watts @ 8 ohms, the speakers are rated up to 100 watts.

The wharfedale diamond 10.2 are rated at 6 ohms so these would get the full power the need from the amp.

Would the missions seriously under perform compared to the wharfedales because of this?

I just don't like the wharfedales aesthetically.

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