New boiler fitted and smart thermostat ( cant figure out the programme settings)


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Just got the navien boiler and smart plus wireless thermostat fitted and having difficulty working out the program settings
On the website page 23 it says I have "upto" 6 programs ( settings for the day )
How ever I don't need all 6
I'm trying to figure out if its possible to only have 2 program settings. ( delete the rest ).

Anyone have this boiler and thermostat
Or able to tell me whats what and what to do
( I only want 2 settings ( 1: come on at 6am and turn off at 730am - 2: come on at about 1630pm and turn off about 1900pm

And help would be very helpful please


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Set program 2 to 730am with a temp of 10 (off essentially)

Set program 3 to 430pm @ 19
Set program 4 to 1900 @ 10 (off)

Set the remaining two programs to 10 as well.

You’ll need to establish if this system turns on at the program times or does it do what some smart thermostats do now and get the zone to the desired temp at the desired time.

For example in hive, this is called “ready by”

I have no experience of this stat / boiler btw but I would try the above and see how you get on.


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There is no "off" setting as such, you just need to set a really low temp so that the heating effectively turns off as the room never gets that cold so doesn't demand heat from the boiler.


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Thats 4 settings, and its not like a traditional on/off timer as the others have said.

Its also not always cost effective to allow the house to drop to to low a temperature it can be better to maintain lets say 15 to 16 degrees during the day than allowing it to drop to 10, purely because of the work the boiler will need to do to reheat the whole house from 10 to 19 degrees.


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Thank you both
Ill give this a try

this is my 1st smart stat , so just figuring it all out :)

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Typical example of how modern stuff can be over-engineered with unwanted facilities because it's easy to do and sounds good in the advertising.

If you're old enough to remember VCR's, the timer was originally for 1 day, then 3 days, then 1 week and ended up at 1 year!

Now who wants to set up a recording 1 year ahead when even the programme companies won't know what will be on at that time? :facepalm:

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