New Beach Boys Box Set

Mr Lime

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Yes please!!!

(I think I've just wee'd my pants).

From the period that produced two of the band's greatest albums and new musical directions were being explored. In particular, Dennis Wilson was emerging as a major songwriting talent in the band and was producing a lot more music than the band could release at the time. And of course, what the world always needs is more Dennis Wilson music.

Also it will be exciting to hear in-concert recordings of the Sunflower/Surf's Up material, of which very little has ever been released. I still recall a jaw-droppingly amazing live performance of 'Surf's Up' that I witnessed at an all-day concert at Wembley Stadium in 1975, when the band performed as a 13 piece and were able to re-create many of their more complex studio productions live.

That was a gig that that all of the band agree to this day was their best ever concert out of the thousands they have performed. Now "wouldn't it be nice" if that entire concert saw a release?
The Elton John performance from that same Wembley show has been officially released and a selection of tracks from The Eagles' set from the same day have also emerged , so I'm sure there's a recording of the Beach Boys' stunning set in the vaults.


£3.50 to see Stackridge (who?), Rufus with Chaka Khan, Joe Walsh, The Eagles (with guest Jackson Browne), The Beach Boys and Elton John! Less than the price of 2LPs back then.

I remember Elton strolling on stage, drink in hand as the Beach Boys left the stage after their umpteenth encore and saying "Christ! I've got to follow that, have I?"

When he eventually appeared he completely blew it by choosing to perform the 'Captain Fantastic' album in its entirety. The album had only been released a few weeks before and so was totally unfamiliar to many, much to the very tangible impatience of the crowd.

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