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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by alfaman, Jul 23, 2004.

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    First post but you lot don't seem vicious so here goes, I'm sorry it's long.

    Had a demo today - story below, The only thing I got out of it was compact av systems - not for me.

    So now I'm digging deep into the corners of my wallet budget circa 3K and due to rack constraints the reciever must be under 15cm to get it into the rack (theres 5cm of airspace behind this lip)....

    currently I thinking of ARCAM AVR300, or HK1005

    speakers - either castle (pembroke,bastion,compact, compact sub)
    or Monitor Audio 270's,225,90's & a 360.
    or If' I'm reckless Totem Dreamcatchers + centre + Sub.

    If I get the 1005 I'll probably get the DVD22 to match it otherwise it's a PC source with my Creative AUdigy, until I can afford a decent DVD.

    I throw myself onto your tender mercies - any advice?



    The background!

    Have Yamaha 795 Reciever and DVD + Tannoy Merc2's +Mission 7 Surrounds witha paradigm 8" sub. All big balck boxes especially the tannoy's (on target t18's) and the paradigm, not very friendly and their physical prescence does dominate the room, but all in all they sound great.

    Lounge is being redecorated nice new wooden floor, fireplace and all the trimmings along with a subtle hint about the soundsystem and how it doesn't complement the room. Right says I it's old (I've had the tannoys since 1990) and things have moved on lets see whats out there.

    SO along I went demo room KEF front- Q7's Q4 rears, centre and a sub. Also tried some 5005's both with a Denon 3805.Quite frankly it was a waste of time even on movies (5th element chap16, Blade CHap3&36, didn't even try matrix or LOTR) as soon as things got busy they just seemed to start to loose the plot, voices disappearing into the general mid range noise, the bass wan't involving. Tried some music Tracy Chapman - "fast car" and whilst is was resolving the voices the gitaur had lost all the clarity I can normally hear. Source was Pioneer DVD 565 with QED anniversary cabling.

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